(Shariatpur Upazila, Shariatpur District)
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GramWeb: One Village One portal: GramWeb is a village information platform which provides a point of information storage of more than 85,000 individual villages of Bangladesh. A village Information Enterpreneur (VIE), the owner of the site, collects village information, publishes to the dedicated web site and maintains the site. At present, GramWeb proceeds with Union Information Enterpreneur(UIE) for the first phase which leads to VIE in future. GramWeb aims to show the business opportunities in front of the country and broadly to the world from the root level. With the backend support of ICT, every Union will approach with its glorious past and will focus on the present stand to flourish all kind of social businesses. In this regard, GramWeb platform can be referred as built in plain field where villagers can gather and share ideas, buy and sell products, publish their wishes for own community or the country. Online ads, bloggings, online campaign and many more features will diversify the use of it in all generations of the society.

GramWeb for Unions : Bangladesh has high downward tension for huge weight of population. Unemployment problem is an unavoidable curse for the society. GramWeb will work to reduce this problem by nurturing, expanding and maintaining social businesses for the unions. Its a general belief "You communicate to the world, you become part of the world, then you do business to the world, so you can be self sufficient in the world". Its our hope that self sufficient union dwellers will be the asset for the country and for the world in the long run.

GramWeb Angaria: GramWeb Angaria focuses on social community backed by ICT. When a villager join in this site, She/He become member of it. We help villagers to look through GW window for opportunities by training and notifications. Its already in GramWeb Angaria's plan that; this website will sell ready made information to those who needed. Villagers/ Ad agents can give advertisements and thus earn money. They can even sell or buy product via GramWeb Angaria. Above all, our main goal is to establish fruitful social businesses by the all time actively connected Angarians. Contact with your UIE today and join with us! 

            The Union Information Enterpreneur of GramWeb for Angaria Union
Name: Arafatul Hasan           
Address: Dadpur
Phone: 88019110001                                  
Education: Engineering
Registered in 0000.00.00                                                       
Business Interest: Selling information on the web
Explain Business: GramWeb is a place of opportunities which are related to information sharing. So selling information to a particular customer, online shopping etc will be influenced by GramWeb

















Area 4,917.00 A 3116
Population 23,215.00 P 2041
Density of Population 4.72 P 1205
Literacy Rate 35.00 % 3210
NER in Primary Education 41.57 % 3400
Girls' NER in Primary Education 40.74 % 3485
Improved Sanitary Latrine 21.25 % 2617
Improved Drinking Water Source 73.24 % 3682
Electricity Connection 16.92 % 2297
Source : BBS
As on (Date):
Jan 27, 2001

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