(Tangail Upazila, Tangail District)
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Welcome to Gramweb site of village Hugra. The name of the union also derived from this village as well. The village and the entire union is situated between two rivers; Dhaleswery to east and flanked on the west by the mighty river Jamuna.

Hugra union is one of the eleven UP under sadar Upazilla of Tangail which is about 10 k.m west to the main town and 110 k.m north to the capital city Dhaka.

It is like any other villages of this country, having lovely friendly people, beautiful landscapes-that changes with the seasons.

From the legend it is known that, the forefather & the founder of this locality came from "Moultara-baria"- a char in the river Jamuna 

 Please visit our country & our village

We cordially invite people of the world to visit our country and feel the exotic hospitality, our countrry has beautiful landscapes, forests, rivers, sea beaches and on top of everything- very generous and friendly peoples welcoming you all with divine smile in their faces. Here are some tips for our guests about this charming land & people:


The official language is Bangla, It is the first language of more than 98 percent of the population. It is written in its own script, derived from that of Sanskrit. Many people in Bangladesh can also speak English, Hindi and Urdu.

Culture & Society

. Bangladesh is a hierarchical society.
. People are respected because of their age and position.
. Older people are naturally viewed as wise and are granted respect.
. Bangladeshis expect the most senior male, by age or position, to make decisions that are in the best interest of the group. This is also valid in businesses, the majority of which will be family owned/run.


. The majority of Bangladeshis are Muslim. However, most still very much mix this with pre-Islam folk traditions.
. Bangladeshis identify with the folk traditions of Bengali culture.
. There is a strong tradition of music, dance, and literature that includes classical devotions of Hindu and Muslim music.

Festivals : This is a land of festivity, beside religious festivals there are some common ethnic festivals celebrated by all the citizens irrespsctive of thier cast,religions, backgrounds etc.These colorful festivals are (1) 21st February -Vasha Dibosh or International mother's language day (2) 26th March- Shadhinota Dibosh or Independence Day (3) 14th April-Pohela Boishak or Bangla New year's day (4) 16th December- Bijoy Dibosh or Victory day.

Other than the above festivals, Islam defines many of the festivals in Bangaldesh. These include two Eids (one after Ramadan and one after the Hajj) Shab-e-Qadr (the night of power), Milad un-Nabi (birth date  of the Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him) and Shab-e-Barat (the night of the fortune).
. Hindu influences festivals include Durga Puja and Kali Puja (community worshipping of Goddess Durga and Kali).
. On the whole an entire community participates in each other's religious ceremonies.

Customs and Etiquette in Bangladesh

Meeting & Greeting

. Greetings usually take place between members of the same sex.
. The hand shake is common although they may feel rather limp.
. Women will only really be met within business contexts and even so, it is best to wait to see if a hand is extended before doing so.
. The traditional greeting for Muslims is “Asalamu alaikum” to which the response is” wa alaikum Assalam”.
. Naming conventions are very much based on the hierarchical nature of Bangladeshi society.
. Bangladeshis will append a suffix to a person's name to denote respect and the level of closeness between the two people.
. In general, age dictates how people are addressed.
. If people are of the same age, they use first names.
. If the person being addressed is older than the speaker, the person is called by their first name and a suffix that denotes the family relationship.

"We cordially invite people of the world to visit our Country & my Village to spend couple of days in nature, please contact me ( 88 01713 201 864) in person, we may customise a tour plan accrodingly- We can promise, it'll be a experience of your lifetime which money can not buy

Distance from city: Tangail to Top 10 cities of the world

Distance (Km)
 Tangail - Berlin   7 031 km
 Tangail - London   7 934 km
 Tangail - Los Angeles   12 901 km
 Tangail - Moscow   5 486 km
 Tangail - New York   12 682 km
 Tangail - Paris   7 885 km
 Tangail - Peking   2 948 km
 Tangail - Rio De Janeiro   15 221 km
 Tangail - Sydney   9 076 km
 Tangail - Tokyo   4 844 km
 Tangail - Prague   6 984 km













Contruction of Dhaleswery Bridge gets underway
Feb 12, 2012
Long cherished "Dhaleswery Bridge" is a reality now!
Nov 14, 2011
Member of HAAF prevents "Child Marriage"
Nov 13, 2011
Hugra Habib Kader School ties up with UK school under global partnership
Nov 13, 2011
"Eidul Azha"- Celebrated in Hugra
Nov 10, 2011
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Area 8,529.00 A 1069
Population 29,504.00 P 878
Density of Population 3.46 P 2369
Literacy Rate 29.00 % 3939
NER in Primary Education 44.31 % 2983
Girls' NER in Primary Education 42.66 % 3260
Improved Sanitary Latrine 8.06 % 3846
Improved Drinking Water Source 93.67 % 1723
Electricity Connection 3.74 % 3839
Source : BBS
As on (Date):
Jan 27, 2001

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