Purba Guzara
   (Raozan Upazila, Chittagong District)
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Purba Guzara Union is situated on the border of Raozan Upazilla..It is in the district of Chittagong.Purba Guzara happens to be a properous village of gifted antiquity.The village is affluent in enlightened cultural heritage as well.The scenic beauty of purba guzara is unique and superb.The blanket of green spread up to the horizon is marvelous and impressive. Its beautiful surroundings is unparalleled in comparison with other village nearby. Its hillocks, dales and meadows spotted up with ever stretching home steads are aesthetic and colorful. Its plain land, hilly portion, thick begetation have added a new dimension to its geographical aspect.According to information obtained from U.S.O. The total population of the village is 21982(2001).Purba Guzara is credited with the highest literacy rate of 70%. Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of the village. A great number of dwellers maintain there livelihood on service, public or private, at house and abroad,while some business enterprises too,made their head-way,over and above, the agriculture adds a new dimension to the total economy and make it remarkably well, though not well off. .Purba Guzara is remarkably an out standing village of south Chittagong. A locality of the enlightened past it poses to be a modern suburb having perhaps none to be per with it’s promises and potentialities in time past and present. The noted sages of carlier domicile have enhanced the cultural flow that was immensely nurtured by yet more resourceful progenies who aptly and amply contributed to their proud legacy for the posterity endowment of cross cultural synthesis epitomizing and regenerating the main stream of the noble heritage. The inhabitants here are always tradition bound but susceptible transformations, they tend reshape modernision in their own way.Culture is a co-ordinated phenomenon of knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities bestowed on human beings. the culture of Purba Guzara is multi-dimensional. this sort of cultural aspect is palpable in the folklore or folksong, sung in a body or connectively in the nuptial occasions. The urdu-persian songs in the wedding ceremony are distinctive and unprecedented in nature. it upholds the underlying spirit of the cultural minded people of Purba Guzara.




রাউজানে শেখ আনছার আলী শাহ (রাঃ)র ওরশ
Jan 22, 2012
রাউজানে সুমেধ তাপস বড়ুয়ার স্মরণে সভা
Jan 22, 2012
রাউজান অলিমিয়া হাট স্কুলে মা সমাবেশ
Jan 18, 2012
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Area 6,714.00 A 1966
Population 21,982.00 P 2347
Density of Population 3.27 P 2576
Literacy Rate 70.00 % 36
NER in Primary Education 54.37 % 1415
Girls' NER in Primary Education 53.78 % 1576
Improved Sanitary Latrine 60.03 % 509
Improved Drinking Water Source 87.12 % 3030
Electricity Connection 78.48 % 93
Source : BBS
As on (Date):
Jan 27, 2001

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