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One Village One Portal
 Information of the Villagers, by the Villagers and for the Villagers
GramWeb is a web-based platform developed by Global Communications Center (GCC) to provide a point of information storage and sharing for the 85000 villages of Bangladesh. This enables Villagers at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) to move from information consumers to information producers. They collect their village data and share them worldwide via their own village site to be maintained by a villager called Village Information Entrepreneur (VIE) for promotion, communication and thereby make it a source of their income. For the first time villagers can know and share their village to the whole world resulting a virtual global village.

GramWeb assists villagers to become village information owners and invites the BoP villagers to use their village information as their sources of income. This system increases information transparency and accuracy, and improves villagers\'' opportunities.
Social Impacts
•  Social awareness development about ICT and CSR.
•  Intermediary intervention reduction in market access.
•  Opportunity enhancement between local and global market.
•  Opportunity enhancement by linking local and global market.
•  Employment opportunity creation for the BoP.
•  Contribution in national development planning.
•  Information transparency enhancement.
Power of GramWeb
The villager-friendly content management system and the flexible generic templates of GramWeb empower the villagers for producing various powerful outcomes/resources that includes:
•  Detailed Village Information Profile (VIP) of individual village
•  National statistic at a glance
•  Individual village ranking to pick the Best Village
•  Status comparison of one region (village, upazilla or district) to another
•  Village gallery with pictorial, audio and video contents
•  Buy and sell advertizement
•  Village manpower and talents information
•  Social networking features (forum, blog, IM, chat, wall, e-mail, etc.)
•  Access to job, scholarship, news & entertainment, forms & material download information, etc.
•  Villagers\'' wish-list shows their innocent hopes and aspiration about the future development of their village
Upcoming Features
 GramWeb has a wide area of exploring opportunities with new features and services in time.
•  Instant Census
Each village could maintain its database updated on daily basis with the birth and death records of the villagers, agriculture productions, village development works, etc. with highest accuracy to be the lowest unit of national census and collectively produces the latest national census of the moment at any time.

•   Villagers Social Network
GramWeb will bring the people from the lowest regional level of the country in a common platform by connecting them to a single network. This will enable them to create new social network services as well as to access to other services of the world.

•   High Performance Search Engine
GramWeb should provide a high performance conditional search engine for the users to retrieve instantly any specific information whatever required with minimum effort.
Partnership Opportunities
 Extend Collaboration, Enhance Service
GramWeb is a platform for mutual contribution of BoP researchers, BoP business partners and Social Development Organizations. GramWeb welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with talented and capable individuals and organizations to enhance the GramWeb services.
BOP Researchers (Academic Inst., Research Inst., Professionals, etc.)
•  Data collection
•  Survey
•  Knowledge transfer program
•  Technical research and development
•  Business development and innovation
BOP Business Partners (Business Enterprises, Manufacturers, Investors, etc.)
•  Sponsoring VIE
•  Tele-center establishment
•  Device equipment supply
•  Connectivity support
Social Development Organizations (CSR Practitioners, NGO/NPO, Govt. Agencies, Media, etc.)
•  Data collection
•  Survey
•  Training
•  Promotion
Partnership Opportunity Instances
 GramWeb has already created many opportunities for a number of renown national and international organizations having objectives that GramWeb opts for. Following are some examples of such collaboration works.
• Fukuoka Industry, Science & Technology Foundation (Fukuoka ISTF)
Fukuoka ISTF of Japan has successfully surveyed the \''ICT usages and village requirement\'' and established some model VCC in the rural areas to test and verify the relevant technologies.

• Institute of Innovation Research (IIR-HU), Hitotsubashi University
IIR-HU of Japan has conducted a data collection program for some village sites of GramWeb by their young undergraduate students in the rural areas of Bangladesh as a part of their research work on the social status of the BoP.

• Bangladesh Telecentre Network (BTN)
BTN has been conducting ICT awareness building campaign program and the promotion of the OVOP activities of GramWeb in rural Bangladesh.

• Square Informatix
Square Informatix of Bangladesh has been working with GramWeb as a technology partner for providing connectivity to all VCC for GramWeb operation and thereby contributing in the rural ICT development.

• NTT Solar
NTT Solar of Japan has been working with GramWeb for providing alternative power source to the rural VCC using their solar technology.
Village Information Entrepreneur (VIE), Union Information Entrepreneur (UIE)
 Know Your Village, Share Your Village
The VIE/UIE develops and maintains the Village/Union website, subscribes members, collects village/union data, updates the content and profits through advertising, data sharing and partnerships with third party entities. As the profit depends on the visitors to the website, the VIE/UIE promotes the website and organizes workgroup in the locality to keep the site up-to-date.

Are you
•   Willing to see your village/union in the Web
•   Interested to share your village/union prides with rest of the world
•   Enthusiastic enough to become an honorable VIE/UIE

Then GramWeb welcomes you to apply for the VIE/UIE of your native village/union if you are at least 18 (eighteen) year old with minimum SSC or equivalent education having the basic computer operations (word processing, internet and e-mail with basic troubleshooting) skill. The VIE/UIE should maintain a Village Communication Center (VCC) for further flourishing of the GramWeb services. If necessary, the technology support for the establishment of the VCC is provided.


Union being the lowest official administrative region in present Bangladesh, GramWeb is currently working on union website. Therefore, GramWeb invites the potential candidates to apply for the UIE for working on their union website.

 Village Communication Center (VCC) is a small package Tele-center proposed by GCC to help villagers establish their own tele-center with a minimum price and a little effort. For more details, please visit GramWeb site at www.gramweb.net.






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