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I want to develop my Village (Union) website

Solution Last March 2010, we invited people to apply for their respective Village (Union) websites and the application deadline was March 14, 2010. Based on some fixed criteria we have then selected one candidate for each Village (Union) and published the result on March 26, 2010. Now the selected people are working with their Village (Union) websites. In this first phase, we have selected only 99 Villages (Unions). You can find the list of these 99 villages (unions) at . Soon we will go for the second phase and invite more people to work with their Village (Union) sites.

So we hope you will stay with us until the next phase announcement where you will have the opportunity to apply for your Village (Union) website if it is not already registered. Please keep an eye on GramWeb so that you may get up to date with our process and status.

Thank You.
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